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My name is Amy.  I currently serving a 12 year sentence.  I am originally from China.  Chinese is my first language.  I’m looking to connect with a nice American man.  I’ve been in America for over 20 years.  I’m very funny, athletic, and easy to talk to.  I love to travel and go to eat at interesting places.  It gets kind of boring and lonely in here.  I’d love to talk.  When you write be sure to include your address so I can write back.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Experience how fun prison dating in Texas can be.  Or, meet an inmate without dating.  Reach out & write a prisoner, these female inmates would love mail.

Women Behind Bars is one of many dating sites for Texas where you can meet an inmate and write a prisoner. Female inmates want to be prison penpals.

Inmate Penpals for Female Prisoners

It’s hard to imagine how lonely and isolating life can be for female prisoners. Female inmates have to deal with being away from their families, friends, and loved ones for years, sometimes even decades. Making new connections is difficult when behind bars, and that’s where inmate penpals come in. As a society, we need to recognise the importance of giving these women the opportunity to express themselves and connect with others in a positive way. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of inmate penpal programs for female prisoners and how it could change someone’s life.

Female Prisoners

The concept of having a pen pal is not new. In fact, it has been a practice for centuries and still continues today, especially for incarcerated individuals. Female prisoners benefit greatly from having inmate penpals; it provides them with a sense of purpose and a connection to the outside world. Since women have a tendency to be more emotionally expressive than men, inmate penpals can serve as a therapeutic outlet for their thoughts and emotions. A simple letter can help them process their feelings and heal from past trauma which often occurs among female inmates.

Women Behind Bars

Prison can be an emotionally and mentally taxing environment that strips inmates of their autonomy and identity. Writing a letter to someone on the outside can give female prisoners a sense of individuality that they might not feel in prison. Women behind bars often feel forgotten by society and have no access to the technology required to keep up with the outside world. Having an inmate penpal who takes the time to write to them and share current events is a refreshing reminder that they are still a part of society and have a place outside their cell.

Female Inmates

Inmate penpal programs also offer a unique opportunity to connect with people from different walks of life. Prisoners come from various backgrounds and experiences, therefore, engaging in pen-pals programs can provide female inmates with an insight and perspective into life outside of the walls of their cells. Writing to someone who is not bound by the same limitations can open new doors and possibilities for the women inside the prison.


In conclusion, inmate penpal programs have tremendous benefits that go beyond communication and companionship. Letters from the “outside” world can help female prisoners heal, re-ignite their sense of individuality, and offer them an opportunity to make new connections and foster new relationships. They deserve to be heard, and inmate penpals can provide them with a voice to do so. We should all consider donating our time as an inmate penpal as it is truly an act of kindness that could positively transform someone’s life, and it starts with a simple letter.

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