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Caged ladies pen pals in Search of Fun and Excitement

Caged Ladies Pen Pals | Prison Pen Pals | Kansas | Jessica F11500

Looking for caged ladies to write that are funny and spontaneous? Meet Jessia – This 100% bi-sexual female prison pen pal loves music, dancing, and singing.

Meet Jessica


Hi, My name is Jessica.  I am looking for someone who is funny and spontaneous.  I’m 100% bi-sexual, I appreciate beauty in any form and I love music, and couldn’t live without it.  I love to go to concerts, dance, and sing and I am a social person, but I can also appreciate a quiet night at home when it comes to relationships.  I’m very much submissive and open minded and love trying new things.  I mean, after all, if you don’t make your life exciting, who will?  Right?  In addition, I take very good care of my body and am thick in all the right places and soft in the way a woman should be.

I’m an open book, so ask me anything.  I am honest but can be a little shy and give 100% of myself to anything I commit to.  Also, I love making the people I care about happy.  I can be in a committed relationship or just have fun.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Caged Ladies – Women Behind Bars Female Prison Pen Pals

The world of prison can be a very lonely and harsh place, especially for women. According to statistics, women are the fastest growing population in the prison system. They often go unnoticed and become invisible in society while they do their time behind bars. Many of them are looking for a way to connect with the outside world and to build relationships, especially with women who can relate to their experiences. That is where the concept of female prison pen pals comes in. In this blog post, we will explore this topic and learn about the positive impact it can have on the lives of “caged ladies.”

What are Female Prison Pen Pals

Female prison pen pals are women who exchange letters and emails with people on the outside. These pen pals can become a source of support, encouragement, and sometimes even friendship. The letters can also provide a window into the outside world, a connection to society and a reminder that they are not forgotten. For many women in prison, pen pals can be a lifeline that keeps them going each day.

The Benefits of Female Prison Pen Pals

The benefits of having a pen pal can be far-reaching for both the incarcerated woman and of course the pen pal. For the prison inmate, having a pen pal provides a sense of hope, someone to confide in, and a feeling of being cared for and not forgotten. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to discuss their case, provide details of their predicament, and share their innermost thoughts and feelings. For the pen pal, it provides an opportunity to learn about the life and experiences of someone who lives a vastly different life and to provide support that can help improve their situation behind bars.

How to Approach Writing to a Pen Pal

It’s important to remember that these women behind bars are human beings, who have experienced hardships and need compassion and encouragement. It is crucial to be respectful to them, as well as mindful of their situation and the boundaries they may have set. When looking for a pen pal, it’s important to contact reputable organizations that help match volunteers with inmates. These organizations also ensure safety and follow necessary protocols. One should also keep in mind that the correspondence is likely to be a one-way correspondence, meaning the female inmates may not be able to write back right away or even at all.

The Impact of Female Prison Pen Pals

Developing a relationship with incarcerated women through letter writing can have a profound impact on both pen pal and inmate. Many times, the pen pal can become an advocate for the incarcerated woman, working to help her secure legal representation, better living conditions, or simply providing a listening ear. By exchanging letters with women inmates, pen pals can build a sense of connection, help boost their mental health and ease the feelings of loneliness and isolation behind bars.


In conclusion, female prison pen pals provide a way for women who are locked up to have connections on the outside world and to feel less alone. These pen pals can offer encouragement, support, and at times, a lifeline that keeps them going in the harshest of circumstances. Exchanging letters or emails with incarcerated women does not only brighten their days, but it also provides an opportunity for volunteers to learn about the realities of the justice system and advocate for change. Female prison pen pals serve as a reminder that humanity is present in every corner of the world.