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Holly F11514 – Kentucky Prison Pen Pal

Get to Know Holly – Prison Pen Pals from Kentucky

Meet Holly, a female prisoner from Kentucky who is looking for someone special to connect with. Learn more about her and the other amazing women at Women Behind Bars – prison pen pals in Kentucky!

Meet Holly


I’m searching for someone that will ride this out with me.  Someone who is understanding and who has a good sense of humor.  I want to have someone who is as loyal and caring as I am, to build a future together.  I’m super loyal and I love to laugh and I always look at the positive side of things.  I am very family oriented, love the outdoors and love to cook and bake.  Also, I went to school for Business and to do hair and I was in the Army for six years, I also have a super bubbly personality.  I enjoy staying home watching movies just as much as I enjoy going out.  I can’t wait to meet you.  Please write and let’s see where this leads.

Get to Know Holly – Prison Pen Pals from Kentucky

Have you ever felt a connection with someone you’ve never met, but only corresponded with online? Holly is a woman who is currently serving time in a Kentucky prison and is looking for someone to connect with. It’s not every day you get the chance to correspond with a prisoner, but Holly is no ordinary inmate – she’s one of the amazing women at Women Behind Bars! If you’re looking to make a connection and possibly start a friendship with someone who’s been through some tough times, read on to learn more about Holly and what Women Behind Bars has to offer.

Holly is optimistic

Holly is a woman who loves music, drawing, and staying active. She’s currently serving time in a Kentucky state prison and has been there for a while. Despite her circumstances, Holly is optimistic and is always looking for ways to improve herself. She’s a great listener and loves hearing about other people’s experiences. Holly is also a big animal lover and enjoys spending time with her dog when she can.

Thousands of Women

If you’re looking for a prison pen pal, Women Behind Bars is a great organization to contact. With over 3,500 women listed on their website, there’s a variety of women to choose from. The organization helps prisoners connect with people on the outside who are looking for companionship. Not only does it help female prisoners pass the time, but it also gives them hope. The women at Women Behind Bars are looking for someone to write to on a regular basis who can offer support and encouragement.

Become a Pen Pal

The process of becoming a pen pal with someone at Women Behind Bars is fairly simple. Interested parties can visit their website and browse through the profiles of women. Once you find someone you’d like to correspond with, you can send Women Behind Bars a letter expressing your interest. From there, the organization will help facilitate the connection.

Provide Encouragement

One of the benefits of becoming a prison pen pal is the chance to help someone. By writing back and forth, you can provide support and guidance to someone who may need it. Pen pals can provide encouragement, advice, and even offer assistance once the inmate is released. It’s a way to connect with someone who is often overlooked by society.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a way to make a difference and connect with someone who could use a friend, consider becoming a prison pen pal. Women Behind Bars is a great organization to start with and they have many women who are looking for someone to correspond with. Whether it’s Holly or someone else, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s life. So take the first step and start writing today! How To Write Prisoners
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