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Kimberly F11516 – Kentucky Prison Pen Pal

Female prison pen pals

Get in touch with incarcerated women from all over the country through Women Behind Bars. Our mission is to help connect and form meaningful relationships with females in prison. Our female inmate pen pals program brings compassionate support and closure to those who need it most. Sign up now for free!  

Meet Kimberly


My friends call me “Kimmy”.  I have exotic blue eyes and a smile that can brighten your day.  Prior to incarceration, I enjoyed traveling, swimming, hiking, cooking and spending time with ones I cared for.  I love the night life and time on the boat and lake.  Relationships are important to me.  I’m looking to meet someone I can grow close to and relate to, who won’t judge me for my past.  Looking for someone I can grow and learn from.  I’m willing to relocate upon my release.  Can’t wait to hear from you.

Create Your Free Account and Find Female Prison Pen Pals

Are you looking for a meaningful connection and fresh perspective by meeting people outside your normal circles? Then look no further than here, where you can create your free account and search for incredible female prison pen pals to write back. As more often than not, the friends we make in life come from unexpected places, showing compassion to incarcerated women can be one of the most rewarding forms of friendship that lasts beyond the bars. With so many vibrant stories from prisoners waiting to be heard, this platform provides an opportunity like no other to form powerful connections with those whom society often overlooks—get ready to embark on a journey about breaking down barriers built by stigmas!

A Friendly Way to Connect

We are increasingly reliant on technology in our lives today. In many cases, it can be hard to stay connected to friends and family who are far away or just have busy schedules. But there is a more personal approach to staying connected: the art of writing letters! Taking some time out of your day for putting pen to paper has been shown to provide a unique kind of satisfaction and evoke positive emotions that can make relationships stronger than traditional texting or social media messages. With the right stationery, you can compose something truly special that will bring joy into somebody’s life – no matter their location! Let’s explore how you can take advantage of this friendly way to connect with loved ones far away.

An Easy Way to Connect

We’re living in a world of virtual connections where staying connected with family, friends, colleagues and the latest news is easier than ever. But even though technology can make communication convenient, it’s not always easy to find ways to genuinely connect with people. If you’re looking for a simple way to achieve this connection that will truly brighten your day and bring a little joy into your life – no matter the distance – continue reading! Here you’ll learn an easy way to stay connected with those who are important in your life while involving things that have been around since long before computers were invented: postcards!

Finding female prison pen pals

This has never been easier with our free online account. Create your account today and start connecting with amazing female prison pen pals from around the world. Our online platform provides an easy and friendly way to connect with other female inmates, giving you the opportunity to build meaningful connections.

Get to Know Someone On a Deeper Level

Finding female prison pen pals gives you the opportunity to get to know someone on a deeper level. Through conversations and letters, you can learn about someone’s life and experiences. You can create meaningful friendships and connections without ever having to meet in person.

The Benefits of Making Connections

Having female prison pen pals can provide a range of positive benefits. It gives you the chance to make meaningful connections, build empathy, and reduce isolation. It can also provide you with a healthy distraction from the challenges of being incarcerated. So don’t wait, create your free account today and start connecting with amazing female prison pen pals from around the world. How To Write Prisoners
  • Create an account( it’s free )
  • Browse through the Prison Pen Pal listings
  • Find someone that interests you ( or more than just one )
  • Click the “purchase now” button after each prison pen pal you wish to contact to add their address to your shopping cart
  • Check out
  • Your address(es) will be available for download in your account under the “downloads” section
  • Grab a pen
  • Start writing to your new prison pen pal
  • THAT’S IT!

Making A Difference: Writing Female Prison Pen Pals Can Make All The Difference

Prisons are a closed world away from society. Most prisoners live in isolation and despair, often forgotten and ignored by the world outside. For female prisoners, the isolation is even deeper, and they face unique struggles like sexual abuse, alienation, and neglect. But did you know that you can make a difference in their lives by becoming a female prison pen pal? By writing letters of encouragement, hope, and positivity, you can bring a ray of light into their dark world. In this blog post, we will explore how writing to incarcerated women can be a fulfilling experience for both you and your pen pal.

Breaking the Barriers of Isolation – Connecting with a Female Prison Pen Pal

Your letters can be a window to the world for someone who is stuck in a cell for years, even decades. Many female prisoners lack a support system that can offer them comfort, advice, or just a friendly ear. By becoming their pen pal, you will give them the support they need to cope with their situation. Sharing your experiences, interests, and thoughts with them can help them feel connected to the outside world and give them a sense of community.

Empowering Women to Pursue Education and Self Esteem

Like most people, female prisoners need education, motivation, and inspiration to keep learning, growing, and developing. Writing a letter to your pen pal can be an opportunity to encourage them to improve their lives by taking up courses, learning new skills, or just trying a new hobby. You can also boost their self-esteem by providing positive feedback and praise, which can help uplift their spirits and build their confidence.

Advocating for Women’s Rights and Justice Reform

Many female prisoners are victims of social injustices, gender biases, and systemic racism. Writing to them can be a way to show solidarity and support for their cause. You can learn more about the root causes of their imprisonment, the challenges they face behind bars, and the barriers they encounter when trying to re-enter society. By learning about their struggles, you can become a better advocate for women’s rights, justice reform, and social justice in general.

Sharing Thoughts and Experiences About Life

Writing to an incarcerated woman can be a dialogue about life, its challenges, and its joys. You can exchange ideas and opinions about a wide variety of topics like books, movies, music, TED Talks, travel, nature, food, and relationships. You can also learn about their thoughts, dreams, and plans for the future. You might even forge an unlikely friendship with someone who is different from you in many ways and discover that you have a lot in common.

Building A Better World Through Compassionate Action

In conclusion, writing to a female prison pen pal can be a life-changing experience for both you and your pen pal. You have the power to bring hope, joy, and encouragement to someone who needs it most. You can advocate for women’s rights and justice reform, learn about life from a different perspective, and make a meaningful contribution to the world by spreading compassion and kindness. So, why not take the chance to make a difference in someone’s life today and write a female prison pen pal?


Starting a relationship with a female prison pen pal can make a difference in someone’s life and yours. You can break their isolation, empower them to pursue education and self-esteem, advocate for their rights and justice reform, share thoughts and experiences, and build a better world through compassionate action. Writing to an incarcerated woman is not only about giving but also receiving – receiving insights, perspectives, and emotions that can enrich your life as well. So, reach out to a female prisoner today and become their pen pal. Together, we can make this world a kinder and more supportive place.