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Carly F11517 – Maryland Prison Pen Pal

Women Prison Pen Pals

Get to know inspiring women behind bars with our jail babes and prison pen pals! We are your connection to meeting amazing incarcerated women who can offer meaningful relationships.

Meet Carly


A little about me…When it comes to a potential mate, I am looking for someone loyal, honest, ambitious, and funny.  I want someone that is okay with chilling at home or going on adventures as I also love the beach.  That is where I feel the most at peace.  My family is extremely important to me.  We live very close to each other and see each other all the time.  I have no children, but my two nieces mean everything to me. When I get out, I’d really like to work with a non profit helping homeless veterans.  I also would like to work in the IT field as I love working with computers and problem solving.  I love learning new things so I might go to school for another degree as I already have a Bachelors’s and Master’s degree.  I do a lot of reading and enjoy suspense, murder mysteries, historical fiction, biographies, and more.  I’d love to get to know you!

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Are you looking to make a difference in someone’s life? WomenBehindBars.com wants you to meet the Jail Babes – a women’s prison pen pal program that connects compassionate individuals with women behind bars. Through exchanging letters, you have the opportunity to build a meaningful and supportive relationship with a woman in need of a friend. Whether you’re interested in sharing stories, offering encouragement, providing emotional support, or simply brightening up a lonely day, the Jail Babes program provides a unique platform for making a positive impact. Join this wonderful community and start making a difference today!

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Looking for a way to brighten someone’s day? Why not become a pen pal to one of our Jail Babes. These women prisoners are in need of a friend, someone to talk to during this difficult time. By becoming a Women Prison Pen Pal, you have the opportunity to provide a glimmer of hope and positivity in what can be a hopeless situation. Whether it’s a simple letter of encouragement or a deeper conversation, your support can make all the difference. So don’t hesitate, check out our women prisoners who need a friend and make a meaningful connection today!

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Take time to meet women prisoners who are looking for a good friend to build a lasting connection with. The Jail Babes program provides a safe and secure platform to communicate with women prisoners looking for someone to connect with on an emotional level. With the Jail Babes program, you can take your time and browse through potential female pen pals, find the perfect match, and build or maintain strong friendships even from behind bars.

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Our female pen pal program is not only about finding someone to stay connected with, but also about showing support for those in need. Our women prisoners are facing hard times, and this program is here to give them a chance to find friendship and build connections that will help them during their difficult times. We strive to provide an easy and secure platform for those who are looking for a friend to rely on.

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Take advantage of our Prison Pen Pal Program and join today! Start browsing and find the perfect match for you, learn all about them, and build or maintain strong and lasting friendships. Sign up today and join the growing number of people who have found a special kind of support in the Jail Babes program. How To Write Prisoners
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