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Heather F11506 – Ohio Prison Pen Pal

Get to Know Heather – Ohio’s Prison Pen Pal

Meet Heather, an Ohio prisoner looking for a pen pal. She loves the outdoors and wants someone to love her for who she is. Become friends with her today and get to know her story! Write now and join Women Behind Bars in supporting prisoners like Heather.

Meet Heather


Hi, my name is Heather.  My charge is possession of drugs.  I have one son and a grand baby and love doing things outdoors, like camping, going to flea markets, doing things with family and friends.  My goal in life is to always do better than my past.  My past will never define me.  I want someone to love me for me, not for someone I’m not and I want a long lasting relationship, one where everything is equal.  I’d love to have long conversations and laughing with one another.  I hope you decide to write.  I would love to hear from you and become pen pals.  Talk to you soon.

Get to Know Heather – Ohio’s Prison Pen Pal

Have you ever considered becoming a pen pal to a prisoner? It might be a new idea for you, but for many inmates, having someone on the outside to talk to can be a lifesaver. Meet Heather, an Ohio prisoner who is looking for a pen pal. She’s a lover of the great outdoors and is just looking for someone to love her for who she is. Keep reading to learn more about Heather’s story and how you can become her pen pal today!

Become a Pen Pal To A Prisoner

Heather has been in prison for a few years now, and while it hasn’t been easy, she’s made the best of her situation. But even though she’s surrounded by people on a daily basis, she still feels incredibly isolated. That’s why she’s decided to reach out and search for a pen pal. In her letters, she talks about her love of nature and animals, and how she longs to be outside once again. She’s a talented artist and often sends her pen pals drawings and sketches that she’s created. She’s also an avid reader and loves discussing books with anyone who will listen.

Turning Life ARound

One thing that Heather is very open about is her history of addiction. She knows she’s made mistakes in the past, but she’s determined to turn her life around and stay clean once she gets out of prison. Having a pen pal to confide in has been a huge help to her in staying on track with her recovery. As a pen pal to Heather, you would have the opportunity to get to know someone who is truly looking to better herself and make a positive change in her life. You would be able to share stories about your own life and give her a glimpse of the world outside the prison walls.


Becoming a pen pal to an inmate like Heather has the potential to change both of your lives for the better. By writing letters back and forth, you’ll be supporting someone who is trying to make the best of a difficult situation. And in return, you’ll have a new friend who is open and honest about her struggles and successes. If you’re interested in becoming pen pals with Heather, check out Women Behind Bars and get started on the journey today. Who knows, you might just have a new lifelong friend waiting for you on the other side of the prison walls! How To Write Prisoners
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