Meet Female Inmates and Women in Prison

Finding Love Behind Bars: Meet Female Inmates and Women in Prison with Women Behind Bars

Society often paints incarcerated women with a brush of negativity, disregarding their stories and the reasons behind their incarceration. But who says that female inmates couldn’t be capable of a vibrant, meaningful connection or love? With Women Behind Bars, we aim to break the stigma surrounding female inmates and help them meet new people, make friends, and maybe even find love. Read on to learn more about our prison pen pal program and how you can meet female inmates and women in prison.

The Importance of Your Words With Women Prison Pen Pals

When communicating with female inmates, sincerity and empathy are essential. Most of them have been through challenging, life-changing events, and may be longing for someone to talk to. Thus, it is crucial to be careful with your words, and avoid being judgmental or dismissive of their situation. Instead, take time to understand their stories, offer a listening ear, and show compassion. Offering them your support and friendship could make all the difference during their time in prison.

Why Women Behind Bars’ Program Works

One unique factor of our prison penpal program is the safety measures we have in place. All of our inmates are carefully screened, and their profiles are cross-checked with state and federal databases to ensure they are eligible for our program. Additionally, we have a strict ‘no personal visits’ policy and do not allow female inmates to have outside contact information. This ensures that our penpal program is safe for everyone involved, and it significantly reduces the risk of fraud or harm.

The Advantages of Our Program for Prison Pen Pals

Our penpal program has several advantages, one of which is the increased opportunity for female inmates to make meaningful connections. Through our platform, they can communicate with people they might never have met, and form friendships that could last a lifetime. Our program also affords female inmates the chance to hone their writing skills, and learn from other people about different cultures and perspectives. As for our sponsors, the benefit lies in the ability to make a positive impact on someone’s life, and help them during a difficult time.

What to Expect When Communicating with Female Inmates

When sending letters to female inmates, it is important to remember that you’re communicating with someone who is not like anyone else you may have met before. Prison life is not easy, and female inmates may be dealing with several emotions, from anger to guilt to sadness. Thus, you may receive a range of emotions from them, but it’s important not to take it personally. Remember, their circumstances in prison might make them more susceptible to mood swings. Do take care to use a positive and empathic tone, and always remain respectful.

How to Get Started with Women Behind Bars

Interested in being a part of our prison penpal community? It’s easy to get started! Simply visit our website and fill out a ‘sponsor’ application form. Once you’ve been accepted as a sponsor, you’ll receive a list of female inmates who are looking for pen pals. Browse through the list, and choose an inmate whose profile resonates with you. Then, start writing to them! We encourage our sponsors to write to their female pen pals at least once a month, and to be open, sincere, and compassionate.


At Women Behind Bars, we believe that every inmate deserves a chance at love, friendship, and hope. Our penpal program connects female inmates with people from all over the world, providing them with an opportunity to connect, share, and grow. We hope that through our program, we can help to change the narrative around female inmates, and help them see that they are more than their mistakes. If you’re interested in joining our community and making a positive impact, visit us today. Let’s together break down the barriers, one letter at a time.