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Prison penpals – Women Behind Bars FAQ

What am I paying for and why?

What you will receive for each of your $4.00 payments is a postal address of Prison penpals in the United States.

Unlike other sites for prison penpals, the ladies of Women Behind Bars are NOT charged to be on this site. 

Most, if not all, of the other sites for prison penpals charge the ladies to be on their site. Women Behind Bars does not believe in this sort of idea.  

Women Behind Bars has the belief that these prison penpals are going through enough and they should not have to pay to communicate with people on the outside. 

So, you are assured you are truly helping these prison penpals by purchasing their address from Women Behind Bars knowing that we never take advantage of the ladies unique situation in order to bring them to something or someone that can be their “Ray of Hope”.     


Your normal turn around time is minutes to just a few hours when orders are placed online.


You can pay using VISA or MASTERCARD with our secure order form.

Postal Mail

You may also chose to mail in your payment by completeing your order on line and using the invoice we email you to make your payment, it will contain the complete order as well as the mailing information.

You may also print an order form HERE and mail it with your payment.


As of August 6, 2001- Due to problems, we will NO longer accept personal or business checks. You may choose to use travelers checks or money orders.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Women Behind Bars only accepts U.S. Dollars WE DO NOT ACCEPT FOREIGN CURRENCY


I am sure I am the last thing on a ladies mind when she is going home, so if a properly addressed letter is returned, I will replace that address with 2 of your choice. Just send me a copy of your returned letter with your your choices and an email address for delivery.

I hope this has helped answer any questions you might have, however, please feel free to contact me, Todd, with your questions or comments and I will personally answer them as fast as possible.

Have a story regarding a penpal you met using our service & would like to share with us or be considered for television production based on female inmates? Contact Us


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