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Women Behind Bars

Write a prisoner makes it possible to create a positive atmosphere in someone’s world that has little sunshine.  We provide this service to these women in prison to help create a better way of life in many ways, starting with just pen and paper.  Create a pen pal relationship with any one of the women featured on this site or seek something a little more deep.  That’s right with just a click of a mouse and putting pen to paper you can begin what may be the best decision you’ve ever made.  Start with a simple conversation and let things take off from there.  You’ll never know what can be created unless you make the decision to reach out in this unique way.  Not only does Women Behind Bars provide a unique way to meet someone new, we provide a different way to start a relationship an old fashioned way using todays technology.  How does this work?

  • Click to go to Women Behind Bars
  • Create an account
  • Browse the profiles to find someone that you feel you want to get to know
  • Find one or more prospective pen pals and after each one place there address in your shopping cart.
  • Once finished, proceed to the checkout and make your address purchase.
  • From there, your order will be processed and you will then be to write your pen pals by accessing the addresses through the downloads section of the account you created at
  • When you receive your address(es) then get that paper and pen and write a letter to the pen pal of your choice.

Very simply, using postal mail, you can be that one person, that one hope to a woman in prison that would love to start a relationship with someone on the outside.  Just click on your favorite prison pen pal and put that pen to paper, This site for female prisoners desiring pen pals is an easy way to start what could be the beginning to a great relationship with a female inmate.  Choose from hundreds of women from many walks of life.  These women still have hopes and dreams just like everyone else.  Would you like to be part of someone’s dream come true?

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