Haunted prisons

Haunted prisons along with other haunted places seem to be more popular this time of year but don’t make them any less haunted than any other time of year. One haunted house, haunted places, inmatehaunted prison that stands out is located in the state of Missouri. Once the largest prison, Missouri State Prison was home to 5200 inmates at one time. Paranormal activities of all kinds have been said to have been witnessed from ghost sightings to unexplainable noises. Public and private investigations and ghost tours have been approved at this location; ghost hunting classes are available at the Missouri State Penitentiary.
Past that, another haunted place is the West Virginia Penitentiary. Haunted houses are bad enough but when one is an inmate at an establishment where the main mentality is killing or be killed then you already this place is destined to be a haunted house of epic proportions.
Our final stop of haunted houses and haunted places is the Mansfield prison. Ghost hunts and ghost tours are held here as well for both entertainment and informational intentions. This particular haunted place is not only known for being a haunted prison but it has been used in a few Hollywood productions also.
Although you may not be able to write to an inmate at these particular haunted prison locations but they may prove entertaining if you are brave enough to visit any of these haunted places. Who knows, if you decide to go to one of these haunted locations, you may be able to communicate with an inmate from long ago. No paper required.

What is happiness

What is happiness, pen pal world, write an inmateWhat is happiness?  Happiness to anyone can have a huge variation of definitions.  To you it could be relaxing with a cup of coffee.  To another person, happiness is a long drive in a convertible in the country.  Yet one definition of happiness is directly related to getting mail from a penpal.  What?  Really, you ask? Why would that be?  Let’s face it, most of us (truthfully, more than would readily admit) have gone through a part of their life wondering if someone actually cares if they exist.  Some of these individuals have been blessed enough to realize by the grace of good friendships that they indeed do matter and they actually have reason to exist.  Others it’s still a constant state of wondering, especially those who have not exactly made the best of decisions in life and want to make a change.  Unfortunately, this kind of atmosphere, most of the time self inflicted, causes such grief within oneself that the inflicted person loses hope with life.  Either the distraught person will “give up” on themselves and stop trying to become better, accepting their self made lifestyle.  Worse yet, these people can get so low that thoughts of just ending things for themselves and attempt to take their own life, sometimes being successful at taking what is their greatest gift.

So, when some people go through these areas of not caring too much because of this or that find themselves in places or scenarios that would change their life forever.  How is this?  These bad decisions can sometimes be so bad that it lands the individual in jail or prison.  Some may say “Well, that’s where they belong”.  But here’s the truth, most prison inmates are actually scheduled to be released, hence why their sentence is called “rehab” in most cases.  So why not help in the rehabilitation process.  Once released back into society, the person who has “done time” will quite possibly go back into the same atmosphere that they know.  This, more times than not, will just put them right back “doing time”.  UGH!!!!  What a nightmare!

To help stop this from happening, why not reach out to someone that is an inmate in jail or prison with a friendly letter to let them know that they are not forgotten, we all make mistakes.

Women Behind Bars provides a way to write an inmate through free personals for incarcerated women who desire to become female inmate pen pals.  A pen pal may be what you may want too.  This is a great opportunity to not only reach out and meet an inmate via postal mail, but when you write an inmate it can be a great outlet for you as well.  Perhaps you too are just looking for a way to release some thoughts that can easily be spoken on paper.  Who better to read these than a pen pal?  Introduce yourself to the penpal world, pick up a pen and write an inmate today.

Write Prison Pen Pal Genesi – Women Behind Bars


California Prison Pen Pal Genesi

California Prison Pen Pal Genesi

Women Behind Bars – Write Prison Pen Pal Genesi

Hello gentlemen, you are reviewing the page of a sweet Latina. In addition to my sweetness I am fun, easy going, and goal oriented. I am a certified medical assistant, but I have found that the business world is my strength. I enjoy being a mother and spending time with friends and loved ones. It gets lonely at times, so I am seeking companionship with someone who is just as family oriented and driven as I. Someone with good conversation. I’d love to get to know a gentle and understanding guy who’s familiar with what women want. If you fit this description feel free to contact me.

Texas Prison Pen Pal Cheryl

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Write Texas Prison Pen Pal Cheryl


Women Behind Bars – Write Prison Pen Pal Cheryl

I am looking for a friend, possibly more. Someone to help me get through this rough time in my life. I made bad choices and ended up doing time. I am alone. I would be willing to relocate after my release, if I met the right guy. I am strong, beautiful, and have a gorgeous heart. So much to offer. Please send photo, so I can see you too.


California Prison Pen Pal Daphne


Write Prison Pen Pal Daphne

California Prison Pen Pal DaphneI am an island girl and they know how to cook and take care of their man. I’m looking for a man to love me and spoil me. In return, I’ll love him like he has never been loved before. I will be a good friend and a faithful lover. So, if you are looking for a good woman, hurry and write me. I’m waiting on you.

Florida Prison Pen Pal Nilza – Women Behind Bars

Write Florida Prison Pen Pal Nilza – Women Behind Bars

Florida Prison Pen Pal Nilza - Women Behind Bars

Florida Prison Pen Pal Nilza

My name is Nilza (pronounced with an S like Nilsa}. I am locked away from the world on a violation of probation. I am a sweet caring girl that could use some friends. If more develops, then that’s good too. I love to laugh and have a good time. I love mysteries and country music. I am the girl you can take home to mom and the girl that can be naughty. I do have a freaky side, as I like women as well as men. I am looking for a pen pal that can be caring and sweet and maybe a little naughty, that can make me laugh. Despite being in here, I want to develop good friends and hopefully people that I can know when I get out. If you are looking for a sexy, funny, sweet woman that gives herself to her man (or woman) then I am the one for you. Drop me a line and see what happens. I will write back to anyone who writes.

Texas Prison Pen Pal Michelle

Texas Prison Pen Pal Michelle


Write Prison Pen Pal Michelle

Write Prison Pen Pal Michelle


Women Behind Bars – Write Prison Pen Pal Michelle

SWF seeking new friends that are honest, generous, patient and non judgmental for possible long term relationship. I am a good person. I love people and I’m very outgoing. I enjoy music, being outdoors, interesting conversation, and making my mate feel special. I have a sensual personality that needs love and security. My sexual appetite borders on the lusty and I am a true romantic, sexy and good natured. My loyalty goes on forever. I spend my time learning to be a certified braille transcriber. It is so awesome to be part of making books that help blind kids read and learn. Serious inquiries only please.


Have you fallen in love with someone while they were behind bars and you were
free? We want to hear your story!
A major cable television network and an award winning TV production company
are currently developing an impartial documentary about men and women who
fell in love with someone behind bars, and whose relationship now transcends
the limits of incarceration
We are looking for real stories of love developing between two people – not
sensationalist or tabloid type stories but real life experience of people who
walk this path every day.
We know that other programs have been done on this topic but our goal is
to explore how these relationships can truly grow beyond the limits
imposed by incarceration.
The program will be hosted by a well respected journalist who is known for her
compassion, sensitivity, open minded and respectful approach.
If participants do not want to reveal their identity, we are happy to avoid using
last names or even change names entirely.
Serious inquiries only. Must be over 18 years of age. All inquiries will be
kept confidential. Must be based in the US.
If you are interested or just want to know more, please send an email to
cabletvdoc@gmail.com with the following information:
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. City and State of Residence
4. Contact information (Phone and email)
5. Briefly describe your current situation. How you met, how long you’ve been
dating/married, the challenges you face, etc.
Once you submit your details, we will contact you with more information on the
project and the production company.
Thanks so much! We hope to hear from you!

Prison Pen Pal Jillian


Prison Pen Pal Jillian

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Prison Pen Pal Jillian

I am interested in finding a relationship with that special someone. I have never been married and want to have a loving relationship and someone to grow old with. I have my GED and I am a very hard worker. I am family oriented and love to spend time with them. I have made some mistakes in life but I am working everyday to make myself a better person. I also enjoy swimming, exercising, and all sorts of outdoor activities. I am a very loving, loyal and honest person. I would like to correspond with a good hearted, down to earth man. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Prison Pen Pal Carolyn


Prison Pen Pal Carolyn

Prison Pen Pal Carolyn

Prison Pen Pal Carolyn

Hello out there…Open minded, free spirited, goofy, yet classy beauty seeking friends to share life, thoughts and laughs with. I’m traveled, educated, and can make you smile and laugh and even make you say hmmm. Yes I’ve made some mistakes to end up where I am, but please don’t judge until you get to know me. I am a genuine friend till the end, looking for the same. Remember, nothing happens by chance.