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Women Behind Bars

Women behind bars was founded when someone asked to have the company place a web page profile ad for their daughter in hopes to get penpals to write to her while she was incarcerated. She was in a prison for about 6 months and during this period her boyfriend had found someone else and was no longer writing or visiting and she was very lonely.

We spoke with her after we had put together a web page for her and she impressed us with her genuine desire to make a new life for herself after she was released from prison. She also asked, if we would create a page for a couple of her friends. Since we were getting email from a lot of men asking if we knew of any other ladies, we decided to do the ladies this service.

Within a few months the site had grown to over 100 ladies, emails exceed 50 a day, a lot letters arrived everyday that we had to address and forward to the ladies.

However, more than all the excitement this site has provided in our lives, we have received a great deal more. There is not a week that goes by that we don’t receive a few letters from ladies and emails from gentleman that talk of positive changes in their lives, because of this site.

We hope you enjoy yourself during your visit to our site, and like so many others, you find something that is needed in your life, or you provide understanding and comfort to a lonely soul, and from that your life is made more rewarding.

Update: 9/9/04, Amazingly Women behind bars now has thousands of ladies on our pages and building daily.

Since 1997 Women Behind Bars has been interviewed by 100’s of radio stations and written up in 100’s of newspapers.

7/21/99 Women behind bars was featured in an article in USA Today

12/03/02 Women behind bars was Featured in a segment titled “Date An Inmate” on “The Other Half” television talk show, hosted by Dick Clark.

In 2003 Women behind bars was featured on German Television Network, The Discovery Channel, The Pulse, & Fox News Chicago as well as several radio interviews nationwide.

2/12/04 Women behind bars was featured on KLAS newstation in Las Vegas, NV.

8/23/04 Women behind bars was interviewed on Wild 94.9FM in San Francisco, CA.

As of this date Women behind bars receives thousands of page views a day from visitors from around the world.

If you know someone who would like to be on our site or you would like to send an application to someone, You can download an application

Todd Muffoletto

Owner, WBB


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