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Meet-an-inmate Women behind Bars Prison PenpalsWomen Behind Bars(WBB) is a professional site that provides addresses of women in prison allowing them to gain communication with people, organizations and even businesses on the outside in hopes to create a more positive atmosphere and a lifestyle change.  So what are you waiting for?  Let someone know they still have a place here in life.  Let someone know first hand, they deserve a second chance.  With a simple click of the mouse, paper and a pen, you can be the reason someone turns their life around.  Get to know someone better than the typical because it will be done by the pen.  Discuss anything you wish, write whenever or whoever you wish.  There are never reoccurring bills, no membership fees you simply pay for only what you purchase when you purchase.  So let’s get started now to reach out and Write Female Prison pen pals at and create a new beginning in someone’s life!  You don’t have to be part of any organization, business or background to participate.  All you need to do is just have the want for pen pal with the knowledge of grander possibilities.  Go to and create a free account.  Then start browsing your potential new pen pal or pen pals if you would reach out to more than one inmate desiring to become a pen pal.  Once you have created your account and have chosen who you would like to write, proceed to download her address.  Choose the inmate’s address by clicking the purchase now button after each pen pal you would like to write to.  When finished, click the proceed to checkout button located at the top of the page you are currently at.  From there, you can fill out your payment information and await receiving your address(es) that will be located in your downloads section of your account after your order is processed.  After all of that is done, just grab a pen and paper and click…

of course, if you have any questions, don’t hestitate to contact us via our contact us page

Just grab a pen and paper and click…

Women Behind Bars DOES NOT CHARGE the ladies to be on this site as other sites do to be on theirs.  Seriously?  This Women Behind Bars is here to help these female inmates change their life around not add insult to injury by forcing them to come up with money they don’t have.  Let’s face it, most of these women have been abandoned by family and friends, the last thing they need to do is scrape up money (that they don’t have) to be able to use a site like this.  Instead, we post the ladies information to the site for free to help them out.  Granted, the very nominal fee to obtain the addresses is past on to those on the outside but those fees help keep Women Behind bars in business allowing us to help more women that really are looking to change their life.  many other sites make the proposed pen pal or their family pay a monthly or yearly fee to stay on the site.  This doesn’t make much sense to us due to the fact that many of these female inmates have been abandoned by their family and friends and are seeking new friends they can consider family.

Women behind bars was founded when someone asked to have the company place a web page profile ad for their daughter in hopes to get penpals to write to her while she was incarcerated. She was in a prison for about 6 months and during this period her boyfriend had found someone else and was no longer writing or visiting and she was very lonely.  We gladly stepped up to give her the help she desired.

We spoke with her after we had put together a web page for her and she impressed us with her genuine desire to make a new life for herself after she was released from prison. She also asked, if we would create a page for a couple of her friends. Since we were getting email from a lot of men asking if we knew of any other ladies, we decided to do the ladies this service.  At this time we knew we may have stumbled across an idea that would potentially help many women that have found their lives to be less than stellar.

Within a few months the site had grown to over 100 ladies and now closer to 1,000 – emails exceed 50 a day – a lot of letters arrived everyday that we had to address and forward to the ladies.  After this, Women Behind Bars was very successful in helping these women find that “Ray of Hope” and allowing people on the outside the ability to be this positive influence on them.  Some people can just exchange letters.  Others are poets, even artists.  Many of inmates are putting themselves through school while incarcerated thus using their time wisely.

However, more than all the excitement this site has provided in our lives, we have received a great deal more. There is not a week that goes by that we don’t receive a few letters from ladies and emails from gentlemen that talk of positive changes in their lives, because of this site.  We receive letters from both sides explaining how people have met and are quite happy an speak exclusively eventually leading, in some cases, to marriage.  Affiliations between the pen pal and organizations have also transpired.  Some church groups have reached out to these female inmates to provide a way of life inside the prison and even upon release.

We hope you enjoy yourself during your visit to our site, and like so many others, you find something that is needed in your life – or you provide understanding and comfort to a lonely soul, and from that your life is made more rewarding.  Personally, many people have come to us and explained how nice it is to provide such a way for people to come together and create something positive and worthwhile.  A feat most would walk away from before things ever became a chance to even begin.  Open mindedness is definitely a must, but the rewards can be great.  Being open minded is definitely not a bad thing at all, true forgiveness is key.  Second chances given are always appreciated, as most of us have all been at a point where we’d like to start over with our lives.  So few get the chance to start over so why not be change you’d like to see in the world and help someone make the change they desire. makes it possible to create a positive atmosphere in someone’s world that has little sunshine.  We provide this service to these women in prison to help create a better way of life in many ways, starting with just pen and paper.  Create a pen pal relationship with any one of the women featured on this site or seek something a little more deep.  That’s right with just a click of a mouse and putting pen to paper you can begin what may be the best decision you’ve ever made.  Start with a simple conversation and let things take off from there.  You’ll never know what can be created unless you make the decision to reach out in this unique way.  Not only does Women Behind Bars provide a unique way to meet someone new, we provide a different way to start a relationship an old fashioned way using todays technology.  How does this work?

  • Click to go to Women Behind Bars
  • Create an account
  • Browse the profiles to find someone that you feel you want to get to know
  • Find one or more prospective pen pals and after each one place there address in your shopping cart.
  • Once finished, proceed to the checkout and make your address purchase.
  • From there, your order will be processed and you will then be to write your pen pals by accessing the addresses through the downloads section of the account you created at
  • When you receive your address(es) then get that paper and pen and write a letter to the pen pal of your choice.

Very simply, using postal mail, you can be that one person, that one hope to a woman in prison that would love to start a relationship with someone on the outside.  Just click on your favorite prison pen pal and put that pen to paper, This site for female prisoners desiring pen pals is an easy way to start what could be the beginning to a great relationship with a female inmate.  Choose from hundreds of women from many walks of life.  These women still have hopes and dreams just like everyone else.  Would you like to be part of someone’s dream come true?

Women Behind Bars(WBB) is a professional service which provides personal pages, pictures and profiles for women who are incarcerated in prisons all over America. For well over 15 years Women Behind Bars has been the open door to bringing people together through a pen pal relationship with incarcerated women.  Through negative happenings, we have been helping create good because by bringing people together via postal mail. The prison pen pals featured on this site are looking for relationships and positive additions to their lives. Unfortunately, many of these women behind bars have been abandoned by their friends, and families and they desire contact with the outside world.  Men and women both have written these ladies and have created excellent, long lasting relationships.  Just a simple, hand written letter is like a “Ray of Hope” to someone needing positive change in their life.  

Women Behind Bars hosts free web pages for ladies! These female prisoners are looking for love, marriage, pen pals, and a good solid relationship with men and women in the free world. Simply browse and see for yourself that the women featured here are ultimately looking for a new, true and stable way of life.  Women Behind Bars has created several marriages and countless relationships that have change many lives for the better, both inside and outside of prison. These ladies do not have access to the internet and their only point of contact with the outside world is by postal mail.  Definitely, grab your favorite pen and a piece of paper and begin what could be the best decision of your life, to simply reach out to someone!

Our mission is to bring men and women together with an opportunity to enhance the lives of both. WBB makes available the postal addresses of all its ladies for a small fee, to the gentleman. Prison inmates are in desperate need of friends on the outside. Too many times when someone enters prison, these inmates are abandoned by friends and family.  These female prisoners need the good words of both men and women in the free world, just to keep them going on a daily bases. 

Women Behind Bars believes in helping provide a second chance to these women that are incarcerated all over the United States.  These women in prison have been faced with events that have created challenges in their life that are not easily handled alone.  Fact is most that enter the prison system, once the sentence is served, end up going back into the prison system because they have no positive changes in their life.  Through Women Behind Bars, it is now possible to write to these women and create a pen pal relationship to give hope to what seems like a hopeless situation.  Provided you make a choice to give these Women Behind Bar’s a second chance, you are giving an opportunity to help someone change their life for the better.  With very little to lose why not take a chance and make the first move to change a life for the better.  Maybe change many lives, starting with your own.  Know that by choosing to write, you’ll be letting someone know they matter.  You would be letting them know they are not forgotten and deserve a second chance.  Reach out, see what happens when lives are touched.

Here are some memorable dates for Women Behind Bars:

Update: 9/9/04 – Amazingly Women behind bars now has thousands of ladies on our pages and building daily.
Since 1997 Women Behind Bars has been interviewed by 100’s of radio stations and written up in 100’s of newspapers.

7/21/99 Women behind bars was featured in an article in USA Today

12/03/02 Women behind bars was Featured in a segment titled “Date An Inmate” on “The Other Half” television talk show, hosted by Dick Clark.

In 2003 Women behind bars was featured on German Television Network, The Discovery Channel, The Pulse, & Fox News Chicago as well as several radio interviews nationwide.

2/12/04 Women behind bars was featured on KLAS newstation in Las Vegas, NV.

8/23/04 Women behind bars was interviewed on Wild 94.9FM in San Francisco, CA.

As of this date Women behind bars receives thousands of page views a day from visitors from around the world.

If you know someone who would like to be on our site or you would like to send an application to someone, You can download an application

Many different relationships and opportunities have been created for the women that are found here on  Many different life changing chances have been given to these women. Church groups have taken them in.  Employers have provided work.  Many marriages have happened as well as strong, lasting relationships also.

We want to share the happy announcements that two people have met and are on their way to creating a new, positive life out of what seemed like something that needed to be put away in the past. Here is one story:

Dreams do come true…

Hi Todd, I have purchased several addresses from your web site over the last ten or so years. I just thought I would let you know that Lynn Mattingly (Lynn F9960) and myself are now engaged and planning a wedding in October! We will be sure to send our story along with some photos for your success stories I guess that you have lost me as a customer. (l.o.l) we are so happy together and I thank you so much for having your website on line! John Wrosch

Women Behind Bars provides pictures and complete profiles of female prisoners who are looking for pen pals on the outside. We feature female prison penpals from all over the United States. Meet an inmate of any race, religion, or nationality. These female inmates, have sent their personal information allowing us to create a personal page featuring each female inmate allowing you to get to know who you are writing before pen meets paper. Many of these female inmates have the hope of becoming a bride, but would love to just have a few pen pals if even just one.  Become someone’s reason, someone’s thought, become someone to someone else today!

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