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Women Behind Bars(WBB) is a professional service which provides personal pages, pictures and profiles for women who are incarcerated in prisons all over America. The prison pen pals featured on this site are looking for relationships. Many of these women behind bars have been abandoned by their friends, and families and they desire contact with the outside world.

Women Behind Bars hosts free web pages for ladies! These female prisoners are looking for love, marriage, pen pals, and a good solid relationship with men and women in the free world. Women Behind Bars has had several marriages and countless relationships. These ladies do not have access to the internet and their only point of contact with the outside world is by postal mail.

Our mission is to bring men and women together with an opportunity to enhance the lives of both. WBB makes available the postal addresses of all its ladies for a small fee, to the gentleman. Prison inmates are in desperate need of friends on the outside. These female prisoners need the good words of both men and women in the free world, just to keep them going on a daily bases. 

Women Behind Bars shows pictures of female prisoners who are looking for pen pals. We feature ladies from all walks of life, Black, Hispanic, and White women.  These ladies, have sent their personals, with the hopes of becoming brides, but would love to just have a few pen pals.

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