Ladies Write You

Ladies Write You
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Have The Ladies Write You


EXPOSE YOURSELF TO OVER 2,000 Single American Women! Each month we print 1,000 applications that are mailed out to ladies that request an application to join Women Behind Bars. Some of these applications come back to me more than a year later. Recently I did a friend a favor and printed his picture on the reverse with about 250 words telling about him. The response was tremendous, over 100 ladies wrote him and he found a couple real nice ladies, that he is getting to know.

One point that stuck out in all this was the number of ladies that said they did not want to post on the internet for everyone to see, and where just anyone could buy their address. Judging from some of the pictures I seen and the letters he shared with me, maybe some of the best ones were to shy to place themselves on the web site.

One of my biggest single expenses is sending out applications, between printing and postage and the labor involved it is over 500 dollars a month. So here is my idea - Divide the back page into 3 parts each 3 x 8 inches adding a full color picture and whatever information you want about yourself and we will mail them out to all the ladies that request a WomenOfThe Pen WBB application.

$75.00 dollars includes all setup and printing and mailing. This is on a first come 1st serve bases so click on the add to cart button below and reserve your space. Pictures and ad copy for the Singles Signup must be mailed to me.

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