Women Behind Bars - Female Prison Pen Pals

Women Behind Bars - Female Prison Pen Pals

Women Behind Bars - Female Prison Pen Pals

To summarize, Women behind bars was founded because someone asked for a favor for a friend.   The favor asked was to help a prisoner to get a pen pal.  While in prison, this woman had a boyfriend that was keeping in touch but then stopped.  Due to the fact that his interests went south. Therefore, consequently, it was time to help this young woman out and ease her mind from the loss of her boyfriend.

Creating a way to help this woman paved the way for a great thing all around.  Soon after the first online profile was live, other women in prison spoke up. As a result, something unexpected happened.  The site became known world wide due to the popularity that was gained so quickly.  Women Behind Bars became known in countries like England and Germany, but also, the United States.

Because of Women Behind Bars a lot of lives have changed. From the simple pen pal relationships to marriages created because of one person wanting to help one woman.

Start writing Women Behind Bars and create a pen pal relationship today!

As a result, these single women are seeking mail from people on the outside.  The most noteworthy reason is because many prisoners are abandoned by friends and family.  Write a prisoner and let an inmate know they still matter.  These women are looking to change their lives through a relationship, personal, spiritual or both.  Furthermore, these female inmates are even looking to add to their education while incarcerated.   Finally, everyone deserves a second chance.  Be that sounding board to someone, or even a good friend.  As a result of just reaching out, many solid relationships still exist today.

Finally, reach out to someone and get to know them the old fashioned way, with a pen and paper.

Find out how to answer the question:

How do I start writing Women Behind Bars?


  • Create an account( it's free )
  • Browse through the Prison Pen Pal listings
  • Find someone that interests you? ( or more than just one )
  • Click the "purchase now" button after each prison pen pal you wish to contact to add their address to your shopping cart
  • Check out
  • Your address(es) will be available for download in your account under the "downloads" section
  • Grab a pen
  • Start writting to your new prison pen pal
  • THAT'S IT!

If you know someone who would like to be on our site or you would like to send an application to someone, You can download an application

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