Women Behind Bars - What People Say

Women Behind Bars - What People Say

Women Behind Bars - What People Say

What do people say about writing to female inmates and prison penpals? Read these reviews from people that have prison pen pals and date women in jail.

Hello, I am writing to tell you my results from using your service. I requested 6 addresses and only wrote to 5. Out of the 5, I heard back form 4 and only 1 got thru, due to my error with stamps and addressing. However the one that got through is the only one I was really interested in and my first choice. I can hardly tell you how excited I was to get her letter. We have exchanged letters, I have visited her 4 times already. I realise how some may have there doubts about someone who is in a correctional institute. Maybe to much media and movie sterotyping. I have observed first hand many of these women in in the visiting room and the majority of these women do not fit the sterotypical mold. I hope that you Guys out there who are skeptical will give it a chance. I did and I found my Ideal, 100% soulmate and we have decided to get married. Good things come to those who wait, I am now changing that to great things come to those who wait. I hope people will give wbb a chance because you may get lucky and find your perfect match like I did. Dreams can come true , you just have to make the effort, and Thank You wbb for the wonderful service and helping me locate my dream girl....... Tom

Todd, I would just like to thank you both for continuing this dream. I purchased an address in January and have been corresponding with a beautiful,warm,funny,loving woman. This past weekend I finally was able to visit her. She is in texas and I am in Pennsylvania. Well, this woman is the one. I am planning to have her coming home with me when she is released(4-02) and the both of us want to have our relationship grow(possible marriage). I am just completely amazed that one letter has turned into a great ,although long distance, relationship. I am so happy and just had to share this with you. Thank you again and if I can help anyone with the Texas prison system do's and don'ts please pass on my email. I will be glad to help. Keep up the great work. sincerely neil..... email NBDOG@HOME.COM


Dear Todd, I wanted to let you know that I had a 100% response rate to my letters and it's been a wonderful experience. I've become very close to one woman in particular and plan on visiting her next month. She's beautiful, intelligent and has a heart of gold. All I can say to gentlemen who are thinking of using the introduction service is don't wait. Because of WBB, I've met a woman who is everything a man could dream of and she's made me very happy. Again, thank you for a wonderful experience. I hope someday soon you will add us to your long list of happily married couples....Sincerely,Kevin ____________________________________________________________________

well thank you,,,,,,,,, you know what? i think you all are some wonderful people for doing this for wbb's .people make mistakes sometimes but there is always a chance for hope in their lives.......... so may god bless you all for creating this thing............... thank you.......... john doe

Hi Guys, I am only a one time user of your site's ervices so far and have no complaint. I have made a very good friend of an inmate and we correspond across the ocean regularly. I look forward to visiting her one day, hopefully this year but definitely next year. Thank you. With regard to the site, persevere as there are lots of folks outside that would be interested in forming at least a penpal relationship with some of your ladies. Good Luck! Brian

Dear Todd, I hate all that has happened. But there may be some good news I have met a lady through this service which may lead to marriage later on down the road.I will keep you updated. I do recieve letters from other inmates. But since I am somewhat taken and do not feel I should start up something I can not finish. I will be glad to send thier name and address for you to contact or refer them to you. God Bless Brian Gurley

My special lady is due for release on April 1st 2001 and will start a new life with someone to be alongside of her - thanks to WBB. Todd, I would like to impart upon you that this is a vital and special outreach to the lost and lonely in prison, as I am sure you both know and feel for. I am not without resources and would like to offer you any help or assistance that you may need in keeping the work going. If there is something that you need that you feel I may be able to help with, please feel free to let me know.

Dear folks a WBB, I want to thank you for the great service that you provide. I got four addresses from you and received responses from all four women. I have cultivatied a very special relationship with one of them and finally got to visit her this past weekend. We are now engaged and planning to be wed after her release in august of this year. I thank you so much for having helped us to find each other. Anyone considering trying this service should there are some many great women out there in prison because of bad choices they have made, many from dysfunctional familys. Alot of them are looking for stable men to share their lives. Thank you so much.

Good Afternoon :
I wanted to write as I had read your Warning post of 8/10 & your reference to NCCIW In NC. I have met a wonderful lady there 4-5mo ago. I have visited her a couple of times & feel she has been 100% honest with me! I spoke to you on the phone about her appeal & relocation requirements. The honesty issue is as follows:

1. She has never asked for money! I sent 2 10$ money orders for stamps & snacks & she asked me not to do that as she is not a user?

2. I sent her a pair of jeans as hers looked trashed on my 1st visit? They were returned as the wrong kind? (flairs) I sent the right kind & she wore them on my second visit! :-) She never asked for that?

3. Her pic you posted was 1 1/2yr old as it was the only one she had? I now have new ones & have met her in person. One of the new ones was of graduation from a course in prison.

4. She gave me the phone & addy for her lawyer! He has a law office & donates time to women in need, has a secretary etc! No fees asked for! He spent a good amount of time with me to explain her case & her appeal. She had not lied!! & had given him freedom to speak to me.

5. If her appeal fails, she wants to take a college course offered at the prison by Shaw U. I contacted them directly & got all the rules & costs from thier admin. office.

I have been asked to send nothing to her family or anyone else? (she has children) Oh She did say she had a friend that had received no letters? Asked if I had somone that would write to her? :-(::: (no recommendation? Thought she was a bit shady?)

This is a super lady!! Please do not do what the guards do & batch them all in one box!

NC is a bad place as I have been there. I only wanted you to know that there are good people there too! I think I have found one! I did not want you to think that place was all bad people?? I want mine out of there!! That place will drain her spirit & kill her hopes? I know you have heard this a 100 times? One more won't hurt!

Regards Donald ______________________________________________________

Initially I wrote for and received the addresses of four ladies on the WBB site. I wrote letters to all four of them and received responses from all four. One in particular was, in my opinion, very nice looking and considerably younger, so I didn't really expect her to write back to me. I just felt I was out of her league. However she did write back and said she was "very interested" in me and in communicating with me, said she wished she had my phone number so she could call me right away. She also enclosed a photograph of herself, a different one than the picture on her site, and she just looked so gorgeous. I couldn't believe it.

I composed a letter immediately and enclosed my phone number, told her when to call me and then several days letter she called and was so excited and happy about my writing to her and meeting me. "You made my week!" She proclaimed enthusiastically. "I haven't been this happy since I've been here." It made me feel really good too, that such a beautiful young woman was taking such delight in just getting to know me, and that by reaching out the way I had that I was brightening the day of another human being whose life was mostly filled with boredom and lonliness.

I've continued to correspond with this woman, and to talk to her about once a week on the phone. She has put my on her visitor's list and I'll be visiting her in person this summer. (She lives about ten hours away, so unfortunately can't visit too often).

The letters from the other two women have been very nice also, and I've kept in touch with them, although not as often, nor have I spoken with either of them on the phone, but both have expressed how much they appreicate my contacting them and communicating with them. They're really very appreciative and getting a letter like that makes their day.

I recommend this service to any guy who's interested in meeting someone. I'm not getting paid to say this. I'm telling it like it is. These woman have made a mistake and are paying the price. In many cases I feel the price is too high. We've all made mistakes in our lives. Many of us have done similar things and just never got caught (viz., selling drugs.) People deserve a second chance. These are nice woman that are listed here. They held jobs, were raising kids, many college educated, with intelligence, insight, a sense of humor and a touch of wisdom, so I'd tell you to write one or two of them and get to know them. You won't regret doing that. The cost is so minimal relative to the positive effect your letter will have on the life of another person.

And you may meet the girl of your dreams as well.
Jim B - ____________________________________________________________________________________

Hey wbb,

I just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to such fine woman. I chose 9 woman to write to on my first order, and 5 of them have replied. I'm still waiting for my second order which I placed on Sunday, but I hope I will have those addresses soon so I can meet some more of these interesting woman. I do have one question. One of the addresses I ordered was not good. My letter to this woman came back to me because she was released and there was not a forwarding address. Do you give credit when this happens??? Please reply and let me know if I can have a credit for one address, and when I will be getting my second order. Thanks. I think this is great what you have set up to help these women find friends and to help us lonely guys find woman. See ya !!! Dion


Hello, I recently purchased some mailing addresses from you and just want to commend you on the service you are providing. I have been in correspondence with a lady from your site and she really appreciates my letters. I hope I can help her thru these hard times and she will have a special friend in her life when she is released. I once spent a few days in jail and that was enough for me! I think some of these ladies truly do want a new life and the site can be a place to meet a sincere down to earth lady that indeed wants to start over. Keep up the good work. Mike


WBB, I just stumbled onto your website by chance... I wanted to drop a line and say that I think that what you're doing is really awesome. I realize you need to make money in order to pay for all this, but the real reward is that for some of these women, you must be an angel on earth. Congratulations for finding such a heartfelt need and filling it. -Jerry


Hi, When I was reading you site information I read several letters form people that used your service to correspond with women behind bars. Because of your ad I met a woman that I believe is a perfect match for me. I wrote 15 women through your service and the response was overwhelming. Although there were one or two that were looking for money most were searching for a meaningful relationship. After two months I had narrowed my search to two ladies and I found it difficult to write the others to let them know I had chosen another. For those that are unsure of using the womenbehindbars network please give it a try. They will meet some wonderful ladies that are sincere and are looking for a good person to start over with. Some of these ladies have stories that many of us would not have been able to deal with but these women have overcome great obstacles and are ready to change their lives. Don't be afraid to take a chance on one of these ladies. I have entered into what I/we believe is a lasting relationship with Linda , She and I would like to know what to do to remove her name from your list. Please give me a call and let me know how to get her name deleted. You can also e-mail me with your response. Again thanks for providing the service. There are some really nice ladies in our prisons that are ready to get on with their lives. Of the fifteen I wrote only two did not answer my letters which was a higher figure than I thought possible. What surprised me was that most wanted to know more about me and I had to make a quick decision because I did not want to hurt feelings. Please feel free to publish any part of this letter. You are helping open some doors. Sincerely Rich _______________________________________________________________

I received my order and already I have told three of my friends about you service. You did more,a lot more than I expected,and a lot faster than any other service I have ever used. Thank you Frank. Michael in orlando..........Chow. __________________________________________________

-----Original Message----- To: renegade Subject: Re: my order Normally less than an hour - I send them by email if that is what you choose. You should have your order already http://www.womenbehindbars.com http://www.womenbehindbars.com/subs.html To subscribe for updates http://www.womenbehindbars.com/help.html -----Original Message----- From: renegade Subject: my order How long does it take to receive the address'es. By e-mail or just how do you send them? If any of the girls have already been released,do I get credit? Thank you,,michael In orlando ___________________________________________________________________

She already has. I don't know the date or time frame, but when I talked to her last night, she said that she has already requested that you delete her name. But, if you are going to delete her at the end of the month, I guess it doesn't really matter. And I assume that you will take her name off by May 1, . If this not correct, please let me know so that I can tell her about sending another letter. And once again , we both thank you for all of your help in getting her address to me. I doubt that I'll ever have reason to use any of the other names, but I appreciate your entrepreneurial talents & hope that you make a ton of $$. You've already given me what I wanted out of your service & I don't have any problem in telling a few (dozen) close friends about your website. Jack Contract Administrator ___________________________________________________________________

Hey ,
I just sent you a check for 3 more addresses. Just drop me note on the net when you get the check. Thanks for doing what you're doing. The first three worked out, and it feels really good to share with these ladies. They may have had things in their lives that didn't go right, but they still have feelings and needs just like you and me. If this is something I can do to help someone, I'm thankful that the Lord let's me do it. Keep up the good job. Take care...God bless. Carl _________________________________



I recived nine names and address from you. I got resondese from 4 of these ladies. All of ladies are so nice I,am going to have a very tough time trying to decide on which one I would like like to have a seriouly realationship with. I,am so glad I came across you web site. A very happy customor Michael


Hello :-)
I want to thank you.... I think I have found my one and only through your service :-).. I wrote to seven of your ladies and got five responses back, but after some time, I'm down to two ladies... So far, I got to meet one of them and spend some time with her, not only once but twice :-)... I'm in love with her, she's suppose to get out soon and is coming to live with me... But only one problem:-(. I don't know how to tell the other one good bye yet and it kills me to hurt her :-(.. HELP...got any suggestions???? Anyway........THANKS....and if this works, I'll let you know soon.. Tony __________________________________________________________________

What can I say except thank you so very much for your site. Jerri and I have been writing to each other for about 8 months. We talk now every weekend and are very much in love and talk of marriage now. I am going to see her this month, next week in fact. I can't tell you how much of a difference this has made in my life and for us both. You provide a great service and anyone thinking of doing this should know, this is for real. They should also know that when they write these ladies, be honest with them and let them know if you are writing other ladies. But most of all they are looking for someone to and most are sincere. Feel free to use this letter if you like and Jerri has asked that you remove her picture from the site as she will not be responding to anyone else who writes to her as we are planning our future together and marriage soon. Thanks again . Steve

WBB, I was originally skeptical about subscribing to your service, but I must say, I've been pleasantly surprised. I had written letters to three women and received positive if responses from two. I've developed an extremely close friendship with one of the girls. I've never met someone so sincere and down to earth! I was completely surprised. I was hoping to send one of the girls a small stuffed Pooh Bear as a surprise gift and was wondering if you knew anything about the institution's policy regarding gifts. The facility in question is the Jefferson Correctional Institution located in Monticella FL. I would appreciate it if you could tell me anything about their policy. Thanks again. Michael

From: Kenneth Subject: Re: letters Hey man thanks I did not get to get back with you sooner I have been busy answering all the responses that I have gotten in the past few weeks it has been a miracle in disguise thanks again Ken Hash. and I only answered 4 adds and had three positive responses which one do I choose ? time will tell thanks

From: Randy Thank You , I bought 10 addresses from you and only wrote to one and she is great, she goes on work release soon and we will be able to meet in person,Thanks so much and keep up the good work you are doing for those inside as well as us outside that just think we have it bad. Again Thanks,Randy

From: PMO - Subject: Thanks... Being divorced and working '26 hours a day... 11 days a week' I don't have a lot of time to spend meeting people. I've tried some of the foreign correspondence sites and have spent money on addresses, postage and driving to an empty post office box. I ran across your site by accident, but it has turned out to be the best accident by far! I've received a 40% response in less than 10 days of the initial letter I sent out and several of the replies were were positive, interesting and extremely sincere and honest... something you don't find at the "bar at Friday's"!

From: J.T. Subject: Women behind bars. Dear wbb, I just wanted to drop you a note as to how I made out with the three ladies addresses I recieved from you. It's been truly amazing the shift in both personality and attitude of the one woman. the other two are a bit slower to change it seems but I can't know their personal heartache but they have been very open and sincere and in someways humorous. These three I picked are in serious trouble, yet one has already left prison so I can't say how she felt. But through it all, the other two have tried to be open and neither asked for any money out and out, but one did explain that she had noone and was unable to continue with her humble hobby of sewing without funds for material and thread. and I sent the small amount to her not to send money, yet to provide a moments relaxation for someone, just as you or anyone would want to help someone in need. As I said these two have disappointing stories but have really got to enjoy talking to someone else besides those in the prison with them. One women who's writing is not perfect has really turned around in her outlook and her mood since I began writing her. and for anyone up north here, I can assure you that conditions in southern jails is strickly business, they get no special treatment and at some of the texas prisons one would be surprised at the strick nature of the inmates. It has been a very slow but rewarding experience for me and I advise anyone thinking about this sort of think to try it. The womens condition is such as any letter from someone new is a bit of sunlight to them. Since I lost my one inmate I will want another from you and I really am impressed with the prisoners in general. MOST are not stupid. they have made a VERY bad decision but the one woman had 3/4 of a PHD at her incarceration date. I was a bit apprehensive at first but now I'm really impressed with the results. Thank you for assembling this service. And feel free to use my letter as testimony to this effort and how very rewarding it is, to both people. If anyone feels they would like to know more about the usefulness of this service, have they contact me at my e-mail address. once again. thank you. Very truly yours; John

From: Chaz Subject: WBB Special Order Hello: I'm e-mailing you my address request to ensure it get's "processed" prior to your stated Dec 22 deadline. I'll also put the check for $15 and the printed request in the mail first thing Monday morning....I just wasn't sure it would get postmarked for the holidays. I've had extremely good success with my first order from you. 5 out of 8 ladies responded with great letters within a week - they all seem very sweet and sincere. You can definitely use me as a reference for your site! Thanks,

From: cfreeman Subject: Thanks for everything Just wanted to let you know that I have found the girl of my dreams and I am very happy with the service you provided. We are already talking of marriage and starting a family together. I talked to her on the phone yesterday and she asked me to e-mail you and give you her thanks as well and also ask you to remove her name from the site because she doesn't want to write anyone else. I have also gained several new friends and they are comfortable with my situation and are willing to be just friends and pen-pals. A lot of them told me they were getting a bunch of sex mail and they said that they were not interested in that type of writing and rarely answered those letters. Some of the girls said they were not allowed to even receive them because their mail was screened. If there are any guys out there who can accept people for who they are and give themselves a chance to get to know some of these girls, I believe they will be amazed by some of them. Most of them just want a fresh start with a guy that can look past their mistakes. I was surprised at how many of them wanted to live a "normal" life. All I can say to the other guys out there is this: If you are searching for cheap thrills, stay on the XXX sites on the web. These girls are real and have feelings just like everyone else and most of them are where they are now because of a man they loved and trusted. If you have a real heart and are truely interested in finding good friends or even a future wife, you just might want them to give them a chance and see what happens. You have my permission to use this on your site if you feel it will help the girls get letters from genuine guys. You were right. Not one of them asked me for money or any other type of support. I offered to send them stamps if they needed them, even if they were using them to write other guys. I have always believed you have to be willing to give friendship in order to receive it. Oh yeah, one more thing. My response rate was about 75%.

From: DOUG Subject: Comments for the Website I am a repeat customer and have enjoyed your site very much. I have received replies from about a dozen ladies and most of them seem sincere in their desire to establish a good relationship with a man on the outside. I'd like to offer a few words of advice to other men desiring to write to these ladies: First of all be honest and candid with your first letter. If you sent away for 10 addresses and are writing to 10 women, let each of them know that you have written to others - they will appreciate your honesty. So far, I have noted the website contains addresses for women in only three prisons. The result is that a lot of the SAME women are receiving mail from a lot of the SAME men. That really makes for some awkward situations or hard feelings on the part of the inmates so try to avoid that by being honest from the start. Secondly, although some of the ads are rather provocative sexually, try to tone down the emphasis on sex. It's really not appropriate until you exchange a few letters and get to know someone a little better. Also, keep in mind that every letter you write to these women is either scanned or read in its entirety by the mailroom at the prison. There is no such thing as PRIVACY when writing to these women. Thirdly, you can increase your chances of getting a reply by sending along a stamp or two. Do NOT send a self addressed stamped envelope since they are not allowed to have them. Fourth, it was revealed to me by one woman that many of these women in prison already have husbands or boyfriends on the outside. I believe this to be true since one woman I wrote to passed my letter along to another inmate. That second lady told me that the first lady had "reconciled with her husband" so she was no longer available! Keep that in mind before making any serious plans with any of these gals. Finally, it has been my observation that all of these women are in prison for what comes down to poor judgement. Most of the ones I have heard from are in prison for drug-related crimes. Either they were convicted of drug possession, drug trafficking or dealing in stolen property or bouncing checks to support their habit. Some have resorted to armed robbery so be aware of what you are getting into.




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