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Write prison pen pals, even meet an inmate through Women Behind Bars and become a ray of hope in someone's world.  Originally, Women Behind Bars was designed to help just a handful female inmates by helping these women find pen pals to write on the "outside" while in prison.  The Women Behind Bars prison pen pal concept helps create a path for the female priosners to follow allowing for a better chance of rehabilitation and establish themselves back in society.  Once these female inmates were helped with much success, the idea of becoming a pen pal while in prison exploded.  What started as just a handful of female prisoners desiring someone to write to on the outside grew quickly to hundreds of thousands of incarcerated women nation wide.

These female prison pen pals are looking for love and relationships

Most of these prison pen pals are not only looking for a second chance, these women behind bars are looking to start a realtionship and possibly marriage but first have to start as a prison pen pal.  Several relationships have begun with Women Behind Bars including marriage!  Once someone goes into prison, they are many times abandoned by friends and even family leaving the inmate with absolutely nothing, including hope.  Many of us would agree that we deserve a second chance, Women Behind Bars provides a way to actually make that second chance happen by providing a unique way to contact a female inmate.  

So, how do I start?

Why wait to become a pen pal to someone that deserves a second chance?  Provide friendship and start a relationship with a female inmate by just writing a letter. Become a ray of hope in someone's world today and become a pen pal to female inmates today with Women Behind Bars

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