West Virginia Prison Pen Pal Danielle

West Virginia Prison Pen Pal Danielle
Ethnicity: White 20-29 Year Old Ladies
WBB Pen Pal Code: F10648
Price For Address: $4.00
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Write Women Behind Bars West Virginia Prison Pen Pal Danielle



Dating sites - Pen friend instead - Write female pen pals at Women behind bars. Really learn abut a woman first through the pen.

I'm looking for someone to keep me company and help me stay in touch with the real world. My family stays close with me as well as a small circle of friends, but I'm interested in meeting new people as well. I like my man to be my best friend before anything else and loyalty is very important to me also. When I'm released I want to put my skills to use and apply myself. I want to stay out of trouble and start a family. As for my personality, I'm silly and out going. I love a good sense of humor, it keeps me grounded while I'm surrounded by craziness. I secretly love world literature and I like to write poetry, free style, and working on cars. I do a little carpentry work as well. I'm working on finishing my business degree and recently applied to a vocational school so I can become a certified electrician. I listen to all types of music, but mostly rap, rock, and country. I'm into a little bit of everything, so if you think you can keep up, get in touch. I'm waiting to hear from you.

Start writing female pen pals. When you write someone in prison, it provides hope.  Hope that someone still cares that these women are still human.  These inmates know they to make changes otherwise, they can expect a lifetime of loneliness.  Women Behind Bars provides an excellent way to meet people, create friendships, ;earn about others. Start flirting and meeting women through Women Behind Bars and become a ray of hope in someone’s world. The prison pen pal concept was designed to help just a few female inmates. Helping these inmates find pen pals to write on the “outside” was the way to go. The Women Behind Bars prison pen pal concept helps create a way for the female prisoners to have a better chance of rehabilitation and establish themselves back in society. Once these female inmates were helped, the idea of becoming a pen pal while in prison exploded. The number of female prisoners wanting someone to write to them grew quickly to hundreds of thousands of incarcerated women nation wide. The number of relationships and marriages that have been created with Women Behind Bars are very high. When someone goes into prison they are typically abandoned by friends and family. Many people would agree that everyone deserves a second chance.

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Thrive Challange

WBB Code
Women Behind Bars identification number F10648
My name is Danielle
Years of Age
Age 28
Hair Color
My hair color Brown
Eye Color
My eye color Brown
My Height 5' 5"
I weigh 130
My sexuality is Straight
Pen Pal Desired
I would like to correspond with Men
How many children do I have 0
Do I smoke Yes
Home State
My home state West Virginia
State Incarcerated
I am located in the state of Virginia
Am I willing to relocate Yes
Release Date
My earliest release 06/2022
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